Premium Physically Refined Coconut Oil


Colour 25mm cell on the lovibond colour Scale in Y+5R , not deeper than(0.9 Y+0.1R)
Relative Density at 30 0C0.920
Relative Index at 40 0C               ND
Moisture %( matter volatile at 105 0 C,max)0.1
Insoluble Impurities % by mass,max< 0.02
Free fatty Acids,calculated as lauric acid %bymass,max0.04
Iodine Value6.4
Saponification Value>255
Unsaponifiable Matter % by mass,max<0.2
Mineral acidityNil
Peroxide Value0.meq02/kg in 10g
Melting Point25
Polenske Value20.1
Richest Miessel Value8.5  (0.9 Y+0.1R)

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